The mirror reflects true; it never makes a mistake, because it does not think. Think - almost always mean make a mistake.
Paulo Koelio


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Mirror TV

The unusual combination of two features in one piece. Attractive, original, fashionable. The main feature, and the main distinguishing feature of all the mirrors "Mirrotech" ideal reflecting surface, hiding the main surprise - invisible screen. The handle capabilities of the screen You are able to change the surrounding space, turning the mirror in the habitual TV, online address book, a calendar, a clock, or just close all and consider themselves.

- Yes, your new suit you to face...

Maximum diagonally screen size 85″ (216 sm).
Possible every arbitrary shape of mirror.
Integration of the TV screen into a mirror with the 3D function.
Waterproof variant mirror TV.
The screen glass is safe, it based on sticky membrane.
Installation the TV screen in any part on the mirror.